Welcome Brain stars to our luxury giveaway where the best of the best are Rewarded

How to Participate

The tournament holds every Friday by 7:00pm CAT, Make sure to be online


Step 1: Download JambHelp app. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Step 2: Login to JambHelp app and click giveaway in the menu

Step 3: Choose your discipline (Science, Art, Social Science)

Step 4: Answer all 15 questions within 20 mins on a piece of paper

Step 5: Post your answers as pictures on our telegram group (WhatsApp group is full).. If you’ve not join yet Click here

Step 6: Rewards are given to the fastest and most accurate users of each discipline

Note : 1k Airtime/Cash are distributed to each discipline. It doesn’t matter if you come first or second. The purpose of this is to motivate you to read more and be quick to solve problems.. We’ll do a proper competition as time goes on. Thank you

*Click here to Start*