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University or Polytechnic, What's the Difference

In Nigeria, there are three types of higher institutions namely the College of Education, Polytechnic and University. But the strongest argument is centered more between polytechnics and universities. Most of the arguments are based on the effectiveness of one institution over the other. The truth is that both are have their own advantage. So which one will you choose?

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Points on why Polytechnics are better than universities.

1. Simplicity of Learning : The OND and HND style of learning enables a lot of students to have a feeling of casualness and helps them in having gradual advance in education. Some might not have the money to pay all their education expenses at once and need to have breaks in their stages of learning to raise the money. The OND degree acquired will even be a better avenue for getting a better job. This is unlike Nigerian universites where you can only apply for Leave of Absence which lasts for just one year. I have seen cases of people who after acquiring OND, vested capital into a business and later came back to finish their Higher National Diploma courses

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2. Development of dexterity It is general knowledge that Polytechnics offer a style of lecturing that is operational {Involves more of practice} and the students more liable to have confidence in getting jobs and executing them well. For instance, an Engineering student with a National Diploma degree has more experience in the operations of machines than a university student who is limited more to theory and will most likely perform better in the field.

3. Lack of Difficulty of Securing Admission It is easier to gain admission into a polytechnic than a university. A lot of people have wasted years trying to acquire university admission all to no avail and in the process forgetting that Polytechnics have made it less difficult to enter. With no more than two applications, the worries of admission would have been overcome

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4. Lower Fees Nowadays, universities charge higher than polytechnics. This is usually common with state universities. I remember in 2014, if not for the protests by LASU students, fees would have been permanently jacked up to 250,000 naira. How many students can afford that? This is very very unusual with a polytechnic as fees remain stable throughput the sessions

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5. Lecture Halls For Conducive Learning The state of many lecture halls is appaling as many are not suited for congestion. This is the reverse in polytechnics as lecture halls are better positioned and well spaced in order to create a suitable environment for learning and assimilation

6. Ease of Toggling Between Environments of Study Anyone can easily study two courses in different polytechnics at same time. It doesn’t even matter if they are in different states.

Points on why Universities are better than Polytechnics

1. CURRICULUM: University education in Nigeria, like in other developing countries, is to produce graduates grounded in generic skill and, quality education for the nation's economic development. University curriculum therefore, reflect research about what works, as opposed to what is popular today or tomorrow. This
implies that the curriculum content enable students to attain the
society's expectations, and perhaps most importantly, their needs.

2. STRUCTURES: Most Nigerian Universities have outstanding structures and academic environment more than that of Polytechnic. Most of Polytechnics structures are not up to standard, even most of the buildings in some polytechnics are of old structures.

3. COURSES: Universities run more courses than Polytechnics. Most top professional courses are studied at university level e.g Medicine, Law, Architecture, etc. Though we have Legal studies in replacement of law, SLT in replacement of medicine in Polytechnics, and Architect. But are not well recognised.

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Corporate dressing can be seen in most Nigerian Universities, especially the so called private Universities. Also most of courses run by university has there code of dressing e.g Medicine, Engineering, and Law.

5. ACADEMIC PERFORMERS: Most outstanding students can be seen at Universities, compared to Polytechnics. Most of the Universities are more strict. You hardly bribe lecturers cause many are Professors so, is what u write that you get in most cases. Unlike polytechnics where you easy bribe lecturers to have distinction or upper credit.

6. ACADEMIC STAFFS: Least you can see in Universities as a lecturer is a Doctor (Ph .D). A masters holding can only be of an assistant. Most Seniors lecturers are Professors. While the highest you can get in a polytechnics is a Doctor ( Rector), others are MSc, B. sc or HND holder

7. APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP : This is an important reason why most people prefer university to polytechnic because of its ability to offer students scholarship.

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So what's your take? Do you prefer University or Polytechnic? Remember the bottom line:
"Both cadres cannot function without the other".
If you have any opinion on this topic, please feel free to comment

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